Player characters Edit

Name Class Race Level Episodes Cast
Dr. Aiden O'Leary, MD. Cleric Human 1 Andy
Professor Windsome Landy, PhD Paladin Halfling 1 Mallory
Saaveed Sorceror Yuan-Ti 1 Mallory
Feloel Holistacia Ranger Elf 1
Melah Rogue Half-Elf 1
Vyth Darastrix Fighter Lizardfolk 1 Sean
Rauko van Haast Fighter/Wizard Tiefling 2 Lewis
A * denotes a deceased character.

Non-Player Characters Edit

For a list of non-player characters, see the category here. However, the most powerful and monstrous of such can be found in this category instead. Important citizens of villages and cities are also listed in their respective settlements.

Related Edit

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Player characters

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