Major Quests and Adventuring Motivation Edit

The Major Quest and Adventuring Motivation is a (partial) modification of what gives the players experience. As a consequence, "Common Rumors" (the quests in town at the start of the game) no longer give a gold reward beyond the spoils found on the quest, and there are no "session goals" or "group goals" for granting extra XP. Those rewards have been rolled into the rules below.

Rules Edit

Rule the First: Major Quests Edit

Major quests are quests the characters invent and choose to undertake.

When you know of something in the marches that few others know of, and it inflames your passions, write yourself a major quest. Tell the GM.

If your party is not currently pursuing a major quest, you may reveal yours. Tell why you care, and ask your allies for aid. If they agree to help you, everyone immediately gains XP. If your group completes the major quest of anyone in the group, everyone immediately gains XP.

Rule the Second: Adventuring Motivation Edit

Why are you adventuring? Choose a motivation below, or tell the GM your own. At the end of each session, if you did something clearly in support of your motivation, tell the group. If everyone agrees, you gain xp.

  • Personal glory
  • Protecting the weak
  • Accruing riches
  • Uncovering secrets
  • Establishing order
  • Internalizing the wilds
  • Repaying a debt
  • Redeeming a failure