This is a brief list of the more obvious quests available in Backwater.

Remember, there's much more out in the wilds than is listed here. Even just setting the goal of exploring an area can turn up new and unanticipated adventure. The adventure is in your hands!

Available QuestsEdit

The kind of stuff you'd hear about as soon as you set foot in town. The exact quests may come and go.

Business EnterprisesEdit

Backwater is starting to grow. A few bold entrepreneurs are setting up shop in town, but they need things to really start off their business.

Hanging ThreadsEdit

Other groups found some stuff, but... who knows what they missed?


People talk. Sometimes what they say is true... sometimes it's not. These rumors are all GM-sanctioned, but they're still rumors--they're not all guaranteed to be true, or current. EXPLORE!

Rumors of Ill ReputeEdit

Fans and players of Voyagers:The West Marches are welcome to add rumors to the Wild Tales page! Some of these will be revealed to be true.


A brief description of successfully completed quests.

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